Solar 20/20 PlanTM - Discounts Guaranteed, Finally!

20% Discount for 20 Years!

Benefits with the Solar 20/20 Plan:

  • Your solar energy rate is 20% less than the rate you would have otherwise paid your local utility if you didn't have a solar system on the roof, for 20 years! Click here for our Solar 20/20 Plan Discount Guarantee
  • No money down
  • Peace of mind knowing SunStreet monitors and maintains the system for the duration the Solar 20/20 Plan

The SunStreet Energy Solar System

We appreciate how special it is to buy a new home with all the latest designs, appliances and technologies. That's why SunStreet uses advanced solar systems from CertainTeed®, an American leader in building products for over 100 years.

A solar panel

Elegant Design

With aesthetically pleasing, all-black panels and mounting frames, our solar systems are designed with a discreet, low-profile racking system on most homes to better blend in with your roof.

State-of-the-Art Microinverter Technology

Microinverters allow each panel to operate independently and produce up to 20% more energy than traditional, central inverter-based systems.

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State of the art Microinverter
Remote monitoring system

Remote Monitoring System

SunStreet Energy monitors the solar systems for all Solar 20/20 Plan customers to ensure each panel is operating at an optimal level, at no additional charge. You can also access the remote monitoring system by logging into the customer section of this site. Worry-free, hassle-free; that's the SunStreet advantage.