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Enjoy the Benefits

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Maximum Production

State-of-the-art solar panel system with advanced technology

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Our solar panel system has advanced technology that produces more renewable energy than most traditional systems.

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Shockingly Affordable

Produce clean,renewable energy on your roof with a plan that's right for you

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Built-In Design

Installation during construction increases curb appeal and eliminates after-market hurdles

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Click to see a solar array.

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Kindred Community

Community-wide feature makes solar the norm, not the exception

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Sunstreet is in over 20,000 homes nationwide.Click to see a video of a solar standard community.

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Easy Process

A seamless part of the home buying process

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Three simple steps

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Hassle-Free Setup

Your dedicated Solar Advisor manages every detail

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Monitor Production Anywhere

Monitor your solar production from anywhere with an easy to use mobile app

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See it in action

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Resale Without Worries

System and agreement fully transferable at resale with no fees, credit checks or restrictions

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How it all works

1 Energy from the sun
2 State-of-the-art solar panel system with advanced technology
3 Solar meter inside
4 Real-time solar energy monitoring from anywhere with easy to use mobile app